Dorota Grabowska-Kulka is a Sydney-based creative photographer, visual stylist, and cinematographer. Dorota’s creativity is distinctive in her art, fashion, landscape, and gastronomy photography.

Over the years of artistic work in photography, she has developed a holistic perspective with non-coincidental forms, distinguishing her work from conventional concepts and ideas. Dorota’s artistic approach is well recognized within the Australian photographer community. Her works have been presented in final stages of various photography competitions in the country.

In Matador Collection, Dorota applies her unique minimalist and geometric composition angle in the five themes, AbanicoAdornoAragonesaFregolina, and Mariposa. The outcome is a balanced visual artwork blending vivid colors, femininity, and fashion.

Dorota welcomes new ideas, artistic ideas and business inquiries. Share your thoughts with Dorota here.